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Bible-it is now ready to play


We are grateful for your interest in the game—Bible-it. Your support gave us the confidence to bring this game to light. We understand that the wait was long, but we're glad you stayed on. As a next step, we'd love for you to share your delivery details and order your copy of Bible-it—assuming you're still interested in being a part of this awesome game!

Since you have been a support from the beginning of our journey, here's a little something from the team of Salted Mangoes. Apply the coupon "LETSPLAYBIBLEIT" during checkout for an exclusive discount. To confirm your order— Add to Cart, the number of games you require and complete payment. We are planning to start shipping the games from Mid September, which should then reach your address after 5 -14 days. Please note that we are currently shipping to addresses only in India.

Feel free to call/WhatsApp us on +91 9656215361 with any questions you have regarding this.


Benjamin Kurien

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