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Designed: Benjamin Kurien
Illustrated: Naomi Vettath (


Designed for all

Bible-it is a fast-paced set building game for ages 10+


No knowledge about Bible required

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2-5 players


15-20 minutes

In this game, you are scholars trying to put together the Bible.

What's in the box

  • 66 beautifully illustrated playing cards representing each book in the Bible

  • 11 Category tokens - You get these when you claim a category (like Laws, Gospels, Israel’s history, Poetry, etc.)

  • 12 Set tokens - You get these when you claim a set of 3 or more books

  • 10 Negative tokens for the advanced mode.

" I never knew the order of the books of the bible. I have tried learning but never succeeded. But now, after playing this game, I can say that I have progressed from zero to maybe 70%. I love the way in which the game is designed that I can even play with my non-christian friends. "

- Blessy, 27 years

"The Bible Game is a competitive and entertaining game. The game pits your ability to spot and remember cards on the table against your speed at recognizing and calling out sets that have come into the open. Knowledge of the bible books and strategic thinking are not essential, but they do count when the game starts getting competitive. We had full-grown adults shouting and laughing as if they were 11-year-olds!."

- Rohit, 31 years

" A good tool that equips you to learn the names and order of books of Bible.. It's a game that needs observation skill and analytical mind to work simultaneously.."

- Nirmal, 33 years

" The abstract design on the cards are very engaging they make me curious about the theme of each book"

- Ann, 56 years

How to play

Discover and claim books of the bible in its order to win the game.


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